September Update

Whew! I battled THE HOT most of the Summer and I think I emerged the victor…AGAIN! (3 cheers for all of us who managed to REVENGE THE HOT)

I have managed to convince Elle to post some downloadable paper dolls of me in the Bears Howse Mercantile (click here) Esty Shop AS WELL AS to allow for FIVE CUSTOM ORDERS of little Hope Ornaments/Figurines. YUP! I try to keep Elle busy, otherwise she would just have her full time job at the library to occupy her time, which I’m sure must be a snooze fest. As a good boss bear, I wouldn’t want her to be bored or lacking in things to do, so I always try to offer creative work/ideas for her. (she IS excited about the opportunity to make little custom Hopes; she told me so!)

Here is a photo of the two poses: One is a stand-alone figurine that is a pencil holder & the other is a hanging ornament that can hang on a wall, hook, knob or tree. The stand alone Hope can be posed to hold a teacup rather than be a pencil holder and the flag can say anything one wants. I’m most excited to offer these for a limited time.

I’m over here now on WordPress

I’m like a bird, migrating. I’m trying to get my blog over to WordPress, and it will probably take a few days for everything to get settled. Honey Grove Bears/ Bears of Honey Grove .coms are on their way to a new host.  There’s all this DNS and EPP stuffs to figure out. And then, I wait for confirmation before I can do the next step. Dear me! It’s too much for a little bear fuzz to figure out. But, I’m Boss Bear Hope and I will prevail.

I’m not even sure you will be able to read this. I’m not sure there’s a subscription button. This is all a new format (and platform?) for me. If you’re there and you did read it, please leave an encouraging comment (if you find a comment area).

Day 1 over and out… ~ HOPE