Hello My Dears!

I’ve got some NEW news! We bears and critters of Honey Grove are launching a YouTube Channel. All of us are excited about this new tool and opportunity for reaching out to the world. We are developing content that will bring happiness to others while educating and entertaining (edutainment??).

First up will be a series of storytimes with myself (Hope) hosting and reading. I call it “TEDDY BEAR TUCK-IN TIME“. If you’ve ever wanted a teddy bear to tuck you in, then this is what you’ll want to watch. I read a Children’s Picture Book aloud and make commentary while I read (because that’s how I interact with the book).

On my blog (this page) will be some information about the author and the book and a link to the new post on YouTube. I will need your help in sharing my new endeavor. I’ll also put a link to the book (via Amazon) if you’re interested in purchasing the book. Should you purchase through my Amazon link, I will make a wee bit of change to help with my charity work (Texas Lion’s Camp), my boss bear business and feed my sweet tooth a little nibble of something tasty.

Keep lookout for new readings each week by subscribing to THIS blog. If you have ideas for content or books to read, let me know by leaving a comment or emailing me. You can also find me on Instagram @honeygrovebears or Facebook

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