Lambearke’s Advent Calendar

My sheep buddy @Lambearke (on Instagram) had their hooman create this beautiful plushie advent calendar that you can click on the day and then poems, photos, letters from plushie’s hearts are revealed. Next year, I’m hoping to help spread the word about it sooner so it’s more on everyone’s radar to look at. Please feel free to share this post with others as I am including the link here:  

Please go see this special creation! 

Other Stories of Honey Grove

Barry Barnes 

A few have inquired about some of the stories ElleM wrote, such as the Barry Barnes story or Tim & Bub at the Seashore. There’s other stories too that ya’ll liked. Since Elle is wanting to compile a book of those stories, we aren’t sure if there’s a way to protect them if they are posted here. IF any of ya’ll know how to protect the content, or have suggestions, please email me. ALSO!  If you have a favorite story that you would like to see here again (since you very well can’t go to my old blog to re-read them), please leave a request in the comments.

I’m over here now on Wordpress

I’m like a bird, migrating. I’m trying to get my blog over to WordPress, and it will probably take a few days for everything to get settled. Honey Grove Bears/ Bears of Honey Grove .coms are on their way to a new host.  There’s all this DNS and EPP stuffs to figure out. And then, I wait for confirmation before I can do the next step. Dear me! It’s too much for a little bear fuzz to figure out. But, I’m Boss Bear Hope and I will prevail.

I’m not even sure you will be able to read this. I’m not sure there’s a subscription button. This is all a new format (and platform?) for me. If you’re there and you did read it, please leave an encouraging comment (if you find a comment area).

Day 1 over and out… ~ HOPE